smart city


Smart City is the concept of applying automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the various aspects of a city.

Cars, garbage bins, traffic, gardens and other public spaces, video surveillance, lighting, water, gas, electricity and anything that adds value to the citizen and that makes a city not only a Smart City but a Good City.

In this area Hubel ® has an incomparable expertise in electromechanical installations, sensor and measuring instruments, and utilities such as water, gas and electricity.

Check below the modules that make up the Fulgur IT - Smart City solution.

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water supply

Manage pipelines, wells, boreholes, natural springs, water suppliers and others by controlling levels and reserves.

water treatment

Manage the various processes for water treatment and monitor the physical and chemical parameters of the water.

waste water treatment

Control and monitor all wastewater treatment processes. Treat and use your wastewater.

distribution and pumping pressure

Manage distribution and pumping pressure, reduce interventions and increase availability.

water balance

Water coming in, water coming out. How much water are you losing? Visualize and signal water losses through sectorization.

water balance analysis

When and where are you losing water? Analytical and statistical analysis and water balance data reports.

metering and info export

Get information from all your smart meters. Receive readings, number of accesses and establish the consumption profile.

air quality management

Know the air you breathe. Monitor air quality and its parameters.

lighting control

Turn the switch on efficiently! Eliminate unnecessary consumption and reduce expenses.

installer app

Monitor each installed and intervened meter using the Android application for technicians.

consumer app

Android application that allows the customer to check their consumptions and accounts, improving the relationship with the consumer.

meters area maping

Simple and easy meter area maping with this map module integration.


Irrigation of public gardens and green spaces control module.


Check laboratory analysis easily and immediately. Configure the various available samples.